Friday, April 05, 2013

Shock & Awwwwwww!!!

Yep, you guessed it.  This suuuuuuper long-overdue post is gonna contain some pictures/news that will SHOCK YOU as well as some pictures/news that will make you say, "Awwwwwww!"  Real original, I know.  My mind is a jumbled MESS right now due to a stellar combo of NCAA March/April Madness paired with a heaping dose of sleep deprivation followed up with some PMS + Cortisol + possible Starbucks addiction thanks to the fact that my girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, parrrrrrrrrty allllllllllll the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.  No seriously, ALL THE DAMN TIME.  Like all night.  Like she is completely relentless when it comes to avoiding sleep.  I SHIT YOU  NOT, Lola does not require sleep at all.  Not even during the day except maybe in 10-20 minute increments.  I think she is a vampire.  Her skin IS reeeeeeeeally pale.  She hates the sun.  She has superhuman tone strength.  Hmmm...

Anyway, let's start with the "Awwwwwwwww!"  These pictures truly touched my heart.
The PERFECT pictorial representation of our girls' relationship!!!
Rare, peaceful moment circa 9:00 am when she FIRST fell asleep for "the night."
Romeo (4 year old Whippet) & Pre (15 1/2 year old Italian Greyhound)

She loves him SO. MUCH.  The feeling is mutual.
The burprag/dropcloth is crackin' me up in this pic!  I barely noticed it was there before I snapped this shot!  Stacks & stacks of these bad boys adorn my house, thankyouverymuchREFLUX.  Grrrrrr.

Float like a butterfly, sting like a beeotch!!!
SO proud of Cal's dedication to puttin' in work at the gym -- EVEN ON VACATION!!!

So grateful for hands that sometimes touch... xo

Now for the SHOCK!!!
After nearly 12 years, we have decided to fit the girls for wheelchairs.  This has been a hard decision for us for many reasons.  However, now we know that it is best for the girls.  And it is best for us (& our backs/bodies).  
Claire & Lola will be getting an Ottobock Kimba Tandem Pediatric Wheelchair.
You guessed it, it's a "twofer." It will make life SO much easier for our family to get out & about!
(picture taken from Ottobock website)  
This wheelchair is handy because it will allow Scott & I to venture out with the girls by ourselves if need be.  In addition, it is possible to configure the seating to best accommodate unique situations.  For example, Lola will likely ride bitch, facing AWAY from her sister, so as not to projectile puke on her at will out of self-defense.  Claire will ride shotgun.  We are still undecided whether to have her rear-face or forward face, though we are hoping she can tilt-in-space for comfort/sleeping.  SO!  EXCITED!!!!
(picture taken from Ottobock website)
Apparently polystyrene beads ingested by the pillowful ARE able to pass through a puppy's digestive tract unchanged & without poisoning said canine.  Good to know.  O.  M.  F.  G!!!  SCARYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
Meet Tits McGee!  
(AKA Mrs. McGee)  (AKA "Angel")
Yep, you guessed it!  We bought a muthafuckin' GOAT!!!!!!
And yes, I am writing this on April 5th, not April 1st.  However, we will not be keeping Tits Mrs. McGee at our home; instead, she has a "surrogate mother" of sorts who will be caring for her & helping out with milking & such.  We got her an awesome Wichita State collar, and we plan to go meet her in person next week!  Stay tuned for more pictures!  Anxious to have a guaranteed way of getting goat milk for our girlies!!!
(Picture from Mrs. McGee's former owner)
Angelic indeed.
Mrs. McGee is a LaMancha Goat, for those of you keeping track.  LOL
(Picture taken by Mrs. McGee's surrogate mother)  
For the record, YES, one of them DID just shit their pants.
God Bless Lambert's Cafe, "Home of Throwed Rolls!"
Welcome to Dumbass, dumbass.  I mean Dumas.  I mean Doo-moss.  Or is it Doomuss?  Whatever.
I probably won't be going to that auto repair shop anytime soon.  Ha!
Still in shock that my husband has the ability to make THIS with his own two hands.
Check out Infinity Art Glass!!!  New website coming soon!
I up & dyed my hair brownish-red again, and I LOVE IT!
Ignore the shameless selfie but DO notice the seat belt.  Safety first, G.
Stand up, sweet Claire!!!  SO AMAZING!!!!
I could not be prouder of my hometown team, the Wichita State University Shockers, making it to the Final 4 in this year's NCAA tournament!  I graduated from WSU myself back in ummmm, 2007 (give or take a decade few years!!), and I have been attending men's basketball games since I was born.  I love this team.  I love their hard work, dedication, their heart, their ability to play angry, and how much they are SHOCKING THE WORLD with their success.  We are 40 minutes from a National Championship game -- Let's DO THIS!  GO SHOX!!!
The beauty of the situation was that Cal was able to witness both the Sweet 16 win as well as the Elite 8 win to make it to the Final 4.  Here he is pictured with the West Regional's Most Outstanding Player, Malcolm Armstead!  SO. PROUD.
A HUGE THANK YOU to our fam, Nichole & Jeff Sammon, for taking him to LA for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!  He loved every second of it!!!
The gang in LA!  #shockerfaithful  #notsatisfied
We SO belong.  Let's beat Louisville tomorrow!    #playangry  #finalfour  #shockernation
For all the haters who don't believe WSU should be in the Final 4, here's what Lola thinks about that!!!

"Just because you said we couldn't, we will..."
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