Thursday, June 19, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for Claire & Lola's good health.

June 2014

This week we had the girls' yearly exams & went over recent bloodwork we had done (Dr. Allman, you are THE BEST!!!).  Both girls -- while not "normal" (PS -- WTF is normal again?!?!?) -- are doing very well & are quite healthy!  There were a few issues with the bloodwork, but honestly, I would expect that due to their diagnoses.  There were no glaring problems, and the issues of concern from last year have resolved to some degree. We will continue to monitor them yearly & watch for any trends.

Claire finally hit the 25 lb. mark (at damn near age 13)!!!!!!  We fought for EVERY. SINGLE. OUNCE with her (and Lolita, too), so this is a huge milestone! Our Polly Pocket is holding steady at 10 lb. now, up from 7 lb. back in the Fall of 2013. (And no, I did not discuss her low weight back then. Something about focusing on the negative just felt SO WRONG when there were still so many things going RIGHT. Oh, and yes, Claire WAS much larger than Lola when she was 8. NO CLUE WHY. Lola eats SO well! However, her tone is higher than Claire's & she sleeps less. Maybe she is part fairy/pixie/Tinkerbell?!) All I know is that it is SO NICE to finally see Lola sportin' some "chubby" cheeks and upper thigh padding (she gets that from her mother, dammit). PROGRESS on all fronts!

We don't even bother taking head circumference measurements anymore.  Yeah, fuck that.  Tiny heads are beauuuuutiful!

A HUGE thanks & big love to Missy, the best damn blood drawer/taker/vampire?! this side of the Mississippi!!! We love you for working so patiently with us & our girls!

Sit back & enjoy these pictures of the shit show blood draw... Claire was full of eye rolls & Lola was arching & grunting like a mofo.  GOOD TIMES!

DON'T TOUCH ME.  I will fart on you.

End stages of one eye roll caught on film...
Also, flexin' & tryin' to embarrass the rest of us with her pythons while simultaneously acting uninterested.
Well played, Claire.

Wait, what???  You're gonna draw blood from my armpit?  HOLY SHITBALLS!!!!!

Notice how I've ceased all blood flow to the aforementioned tortured region?!
This shit is too easy.

Wiggle that bastard needle around ALL YOU WANT but I refuse to emit one drop of blood.  I got this on lock.

Folks, we have a minor snafu here.  Apparently they are going to location #2.
One more stick & I'm gonna lose my shit.  Literally.

What the fucking fuck!!!!  Please kindly remove your pointy weapon NOW.  Please & thanks.  K bye.

Oh wait... this isn't so bad!  I'm just gonna drift off here for a minute.  You know, plot some evil under the guise of sleep.

The ONLY place we've successfully been able to draw blood from Lola was from her armpit.
(Hence the reason we tried there with Claire first...)  

 We've got blood!

Does this blood loss make me look pale?!?!?!?!
Daddy says I'm not even "fair."  He says I'm CLEAR.  He can suck it.

I am SO outta here.  AMF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friday, June 13, 2014

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