Lola, Cal & Claire
April 2014

Cal was born in December of 1998 and was a typical, feisty boy until his sister, Claire came along when he was 2 1/2 years old.  Something about her birth and her life in general changed him. He grew up. He "got" things. He tried like hell to make sense of this new life we all faced, and most of all, he reminded us what really mattered most -- the precious moments we had with Claire NOW. This was very hard for the rest of us to see, but Cal seemed to always understand.

I remember feeling guilty that he couldn't just be a 2-year-old without a care in the world.  I wished that he didn't have to understand that there was this chance that his baby sister, Claire, might not live one year.  He used to ask us, "Mom, when is Jesus coming for Claire?"  I would cry & cry after he left the room because that just wasn't fair for my baby to have to worry about.  But the gift that came with this awareness was the gift of PRESENCE.  We all quickly figured out -- in part because of Cal's young wisdom -- that we would have a lifetime to grieve for Claire after she was gone, but we could  make a shitload of memories NOW which would sustain us down the road. We were bound & determined to MAKE THOSE MEMORIES. And have loads of fun in the process. Our outlook quickly shifted, and that is where it's remained for the past 10+ years.

Cal & Claire  ~  Spring 2002

It was in the winter of 2006 that Cal (then age 7) uplifted us once again.  We had just learned that Lola would be born with the same condition as Claire, and it literally knocked the wind out of us. I remember crying for a day or two straight, trying to make sense of WHY this was occurring a second time. Why couldn't Lola be born without a disability?  I remember Cal asking questions about Lola and her health. I could not assure him that she would be OK, but I told him that we just needed to pray for her. He said, "Mom, I just want to know matter how long she's here."  I was never so proud in all my life.

Cal & Lola  ~  May 2006

Cal continues to amaze us in many ways.  He is a straight-A student, a drummer in the band/drumline, he has served in STUCO as VP in 7th grade & President in 8th & 9th grades, he is a phenomenal basketball player (his first steps were literally to toddle over to his Little Tikes goal and dunk the basketball!), and he is a good friend to all.  He is especially good with math, preferring to use his skillz for figuring sports statistics so he can dominate at Fantasy Basketball, Football & Baseball.  He has an extremely witty sense of humor, and I can honestly say that he makes us laugh EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!  He gives amazing hugs, and he loves his sisters & his family very much.  We are honored that Cal is our son.

April 2014
July 2012

May 2013  ~  8th Grade Promotion


Mel said...

Omgosh. ... yout son is such a gift! Those beautiful girls jave such an amazing brother! I cried ay the picture of him holding Lola ! Omgosh...could he be any sweeter????? Warm fuzzy feelings all over!!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful life!

Anonymous said...

That's God's Angel :)

keciakiss said...

What a straping young man. Oh my goodnes what a cuties he is so so handsome from them inside out I hope my sone can be like that

Brett Hartley said...

My favorite basketball player, my nephew and my dear friend . I love this kid so much! Even when he beats me in fantasy sports! The Dode! :-)

Katrina Quiming said...

whoa. amazing . thats all i could say :)

Abi said...

I absolutely love the wisdom that children have the ability to share with us, without even knowing it! What an amazing kid.

deborah glanski said...

He looks like the actor in Glee

Tiffany Rhodes said...

Thank you for sharing your life openly. I immediately started crying when I scrolled upon the pic of Cal with his baby sister. Your story inspires me in so many ways. I needed to hear & see this at this time jn my life.

Anonymous said...

What a great son you have. He is a fabulous son and big brother to his sister's. However you and your husband are also involved you both are kind hearted parents and that shows through your children.

Anonymous said...

Your story is so inspiring. You have great kids filled with love,they all look happy inside a great family.
Reading and seeing how cal handles his sisters just made me burst into tears.
im so moved. Im wishing you all the best and keep the high spirit,believe hope and everything will be fine.
Im wishing you and yoir family all the happiness and may God bless you all.
say hallo to lola and claire.

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