Friday, February 13, 2015

I don't know how to put this, but my daughter is KIND OF a big deal.

Happy Friday the 13th!
Lola ~ Vision Therapy ~ 2.13.15
I had to pop on here & share a few awesome accomplishments made by our sweet Lola! Obviously we have some dwarf sibling rivalry going on here because Mrs. Pocket doesn't want to be shown up by her big sister, who clearly has been kicking ass & taking names dominating in her physical therapy sessions lately!  It is *SO* exciting to see progress with our girls, as we've waited literally 13 & 8 years to see these dreams become a reality. So, here goes...

1. Lola grew out of three 6 month size clothing items today - 2 pairs of adorable Carter's jeggings (too tight in her waist, shockingly!) & a darling Dr. Seuss onesie (boohoo! It was one of my favorites!). The other day I wondered if she had some crazy problem with the salivary glands in her cheeks because they looked so puffy.  I about Googled that shit when I realized that she simply had just gained weight! None of us can believe how HEALTHY Lola is looking these days.  It is such a joy for us to see her like this after watching her hit rock bottom a year or so ago weight-wise. Thank you, 8 lb. 6 oz. Baby Jesus, for letting Lola grow bigger than you!  HA!

2. Lola shook her head "no" emphatically this morning when I asked her if she wanted her bottle this morning!!! It was unexpected because normally she gets fired up when it's time to eat & downs her bottle in like 4 minutes, but today was different.  I offered it to her like always -- I squirted a little milk into her mouth and then put the bottle nipple in when she opened up wide.  She immediately made a bad face, jerked her head away from the bottle & stopped drinking entirely.  I said, "Do you want your bottle???" She shook her head NO!!!!! Like 4-5 times, left and right!!!! And not just subtly, my girl was having NONE OF THAT 40 4 oz.! Maybe it was a coincidence, but honestly, I really think she just wanted me to get it the F away from her!!!  All that being said, like 3 minutes later, after I went ON & ON about how badass she was for telling me "NO!" BY SHAKING HER HEAD (STILL IN AWE HERE!!!), she downed that same bottle in 3 minutes flat. These girls of mine & their ever-changing moods are gonna drive me to drink crazy! GEESH!

3. Lola is consistently showing she knows what's up when we put a bib around her neck or a burp rag underneath her chin. She immediately starts making a clicking noise with her tongue and suckling like she knows it is feeding time! So cool!!! Oh, how I love this girl o' mine. See the video below for a little snippet of my girl in action today, downing some cantaloupe like a boss!

4.  Lola now randomly gets B.O. in her right armpit only.  I'm not sure if this is an accomplishment or not, but it seems huge to me.  My little girl is growing up!  (Don't think I didn't Google "Is it abnormal for an 8 year old to have B.O." before realizing that it is probably the most age appropriate thing she's done her whole damn life. Ha!)  Claire didn't start getting stinky until she was 11 or 12, so this seems odd.  However, others assure me their typical children start getting funky around 8-9 years old, so it's likely nothing to be worried about.  Considering the girls don't sweat at all, I still find this B.O. vexing.  But as with every other weird ass thing my girls do, I'm choosing to let it goooooooo!  (In my best Frozen rendition!  Don't judge.  Last night Scott said to Claire, "Don't cry!" and then he said, "Don't cry for me, Argentina!" & I belted out in my best opera voice, "The truth is I never left you..." and I don't even know anymore lyrics than that, but I totally felt like "the shit.")  How the hell I got from B.O. to a title track from the musical Evita, composed by the great Andrew Lloyd Webber, NO ONE KNOWS, but once again, I wanna give a shout out to Google for giving me the 411 on that.  (Did that "411" comment make me sound old or super awesome?!)

 All I know is THIS...

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