Monday, September 30, 2013


Today we wore yellow.

We wore yellow for Claire, Lola, & all their homies with microcephaly.  Each year on 9.30, we celebrate Microcephaly Awareness Day.  Tonight we met up with two families in our area to honor our girls & all those who have microcephaly around the world.  It was a fabulous night.

Da Hooligans
(Ignore their puffy, red eyes -- seasonal fall allergies in Kansas are a bitch!)
Cal & Anika
It was soooo presh to see her reach out for him multiple times.  He is so amazed by & in love with her.
Cal, Anika & Angelina
Gentry gettin' loves from Anika
Lola, Cal, Claire, Mason, Anika (in motion!) & Braelynn
PS -- Braelynn is *SO* not shy.  She got this party turnt up moments later & had us rolling as she zoomed in & out of the arcade doors Mach 5, dodging all those in her path!  Pretty sure she & I could do some damage together.  Ha!
The gang's all here!
Claire & Daddy
Lola & me

"Share our similarities, celebrate our differences."  ~ M. Scott Peck


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for Romeo & Cash, our two whippets (whippet good!).  Every day, without fail, they wake up, come out of their crates, and shower me with love. They dote over all of us (though especially the girls, as if they just KNOW), they follow me around the house, they hang around and watch me pee shower (Man, what perverts!) fix dinner, and they literally almost smile a human smile whenever they see me. The second I sit down to feed Lola, they are right next to us, cuddled in, and that is where they stay until I get up. We are connected -- the dogs & me. Scott laughs at me because I tell him that Romeo is my soulmate.  Even I have to remind myself I didn't pass him through my own vagina, because he is sooooo much a part of me! And Cash, too, has wormed his way into my heart since day one. I love these two yayhoos. They make my life so full.

Engaging in a possible make-out session doggie horseplay on the couch... a daily occurrence. 

"I'll lick your eyeball..."
"... if you lick me in a special place in return!"
And yes, we support gay dog marriage in this household.
Romeo (AKA Capricorn -- don't even ask how he got that nickname)
Cash & Lola = Besties
Cash (AKA Pat - yes, we have issues)
Watching their boy finish up a ski

And to Cocoa, Halley & Pre, whom I've owned, loved & lost, I will never forget how deeply you touched my life forever & always.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for Claire & Lola's many therapists who work (more than) wholeheartedly to help both girls reach their utmost potentials.  Not only are they each skilled & knowledgeable within their own fields, but they also CARE. Having been on this journey for 12+ years now, I know that can be hard to find. So to Angela, Donna, Kristin, Stacey, & Joli (and all of the other fabulous therapists before you) -- THANK YOU.  We love you guys!!!

Angela (PT) & Claire
This is THE CALMEST I have seen Claire on her tummy in more than five years.  PRECIOUS.

The mighty warrior has awoken... and she is NOT amused still being on her stomach.
(But check out her stellar form pushing up on her arms!!!  And ignore her crossed legs arched up *off the floor* in the ever-difficult reverse rainbow pose.  My girl's got skillz, yo!)
Do *NOT* make me hold this jinglebell, a-hole.  Gahhhh, it's SEPTEMBER, for Santa's sake!
Obviously NOT a Star Wars fan...
Donna helped me make these guys, and Stacey wants me to hold them, but they won't get the F outta my face!
Fine, I'll just eat them...
Like all women, Lola loves Cool J a man in uniform.  Can't stop staring at his hose great smile!
This is my FAVORITE picture of Lola recently because you can actually see her problem solve how to move the teacher down & out of her own face.  I have not witnessed her consciously moving her arms before until this moment.  She was able to PUSH her left arm down & out away from her, turning it in & moving the teacher puppet down!  She finished this action with a tiny grin!  SO.  PROUD.
"Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved." ~Mattie Stepanek

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Thankful Thursday

This summer quite possibly might have been one of our busiest on record.  We have traveled multiple times each month, which basically means I spent most of my time packing & unpacking (or refusing to unpack since I'm just gonna have to pack that shit again in a few days so I struggle through working out of suitcases in every room of the house & bitching because of it) and doing laundry.  Yep, I'm back, bitchezzzz.  Run-on sentences and all.  I am going to try to make a conscious effort to post more often.  I know, I know... I've said this before.  And I think I've figured out why I haven't been able to deliver on this promise.  


I don't know why, but in my head, it's like each & every post has to be off-the-charts moving/f'ing hilarious/touching/uplifting/full of messages about life & how we cope & find our joy & blah blah blah.  I don't know... I don't want to disappoint myself, not do my family justice, bore my readers, talk about the same stuff over & over, etc.  Pretty sure I need to get over it/myself/these feelings & just fucking WRITE.  I always feel so happy & fulfilled when I do.  So if you see me bein' all absent & shit, remind me of this, please.  You guys rock so hard.

(And WTF is up with my potty mouth?!?!?  It's like I've got 1.5 months worth of obscenities all pent up, waiting to burst out & burn through your retinas.  And for this, I apologize.  Sort of.  But not really.  :)

I'm thinking I should do a Thankful Thursday post every week because God knows I have SO much to be thankful for, and I would far rather focus on that than anything else.

This Thursday, I am thankful for those of you who choose to put up with my profanity  love me despite my stories about sharting  follow The Hooligan 5.  I wanted to give a shout-out & a great big thank you to a few special people today whose incredible generosity touched my heart greatly.

First off, I was elated to see that Lauren P. from Cali sent me five absolutely friggin' awesome g-tube pads for Claire. Skulls + pink bows + sparkle = badass perfection! Claire's been rockin' them in honor of her homegirl, Kendall (Lauren's daughter who also has a g-tube) & her twin sister, Khloe.  Much love & thanks from me and my "Mimi!"

The same day I received the g-tube pads, an anonymous reader sent me following handwritten note:

Made.  My.  Day.
THANK YOU for your kindness.  It really means SO MUCH.

During the same time frame, another reader (Julie F. from WI, you know who you are!!!) contacted me about crocheting some hats for our girls. I have a bit of a hat obsession which is complicated a WEE BIT by the fact that my girls have very tiny, irregular-shaped heads.  Julie was sweet enough to ask me specific measurements & custom make hats to fit both girls.  She also threw in matching custom-sized, crocheted leg warmers (pics to come this fall!) & handmade hair bows. Our girls feel so special & spoiled!!!  Please check out Julie's Facebook Page when you get a chance -- she is so talented & awesome to work with. Prepare to drool over her DARLING hats below...

I am obsessed with this picture of Claire... she looks SO twelve & SOOO beautiful.
SUPER embarrassed she needs a chin strap... ha!

Julie, you have outdone yourself, and we SO appreciate you taking the time to make these precious gifts for Claire & Lola.  THANK YOU.  The girlies send you big, wet, slobbery kisses!!!

"I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder."
~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

I am so very grateful for the love & support I get from everyone who follows our family and this blog.  I cannot thank you enough for the kind words, thoughtful messages, and all the positive mojo you send our way on a daily basis.  

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