Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For the paparazzi...

OK, so we TOTALLY know our girls are interesting, and quite often, we even find *ourselves* staring at them, taking them both in. We watch their quirky movements, listen to the grunts & unusual sounds they make, discuss their antics, and we revel in how damn beautiful they both are. To us, itty bitty heads, stiff/tiny bodies & all, they're drop-dead gorgeous. Course, we're partial.

One of my favorite "gotcha" moments was maybe a year or two ago at the grocery store. I'm pretty sure we were in hell... oops!... I mean, at Wal-Mart at like midnight on a random Tuesday, and all 5 of us were miserable beyond belief, and of course, we forgot something CLEAR across the store. (ummm, run-on sentence much!? DANG!) I volunteered to hump it the 1/2 mile over to the cosmetics section, did the dwarf pass-off (Lola to Cal, as Scott had Claire in his arms already), and said I'd be back in "two seconds" with whatever it was I'd forgotten (it's ALWAYS just "two seconds" with me... but honestly, it NEVER really is. LOL).

I shagged the missing item & headed back to my gang. As I rounded a corner, I spotted The Hooligans CLEAR across Wally World in the distance. Let me paint the picture. There they were... huge ass cart, heaped up & completely over-filled as always (shopping once every 6 weeks will do that to ya'!), Cal & Scott were horsin' around & laughing, hammin' it up together, the girls were in their arms likely tuning them out (!), and tons of people were around them staring & gesturing in their direction & whispering. You know, the "ushe" (how DO you spell the abbreviation for "usual?!"). It was COMICAL almost.

OK, so the dwarves had me captivated! They were so incredibly tiny -- I truly did a double take. I find this odd because I see them all day, every day, as I'm their mommy 24/7, but something about seeing them in THIS LIGHT -- from afar -- ummmm, no words?!?! It was just one of those "WOW!" moments where I literally stopped briefly, looked in at our life as if it weren't my own, and realized how much I love that it *IS* much each of the four of them meant to me... how filled with love I was (at that moment & always) BECAUSE of them.

It's pretty f---in' perfect, to quote P!nk.

Sorry, long-winded, as always. Check out the above links for more info on the dwarves, if you want the lowdown. I suck at updating, but I'm trying to do better. :)

xo Gwen


Cari said...

You are amazing and your family is f*** perfect:) Such beautiful daughters and a handsome son, how much luckier can you get!!?? You and Scott blow me away with how you can do it all but LOVE does it all!! Thanks for sharing Gwen, I love to see all of them:)

lu said...

I love you and your family! YOU *are* perfect!!

Mary Weyer said...

You guys are one of the coolest families I've come across in years! I love your words, your energy, your attitude and your kids' smiles. I wish you lived in Maine so I could meet you in person.

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