Monday, April 30, 2012

The Weekend of Lola

At midnight on April 28, 2012, we five (including Cal's BFF, Cam) sang Happy Birthday to our big six year old.  (Do I always sound that dorky?!?!?  Scott says YES... :)  Despite Claire being in rare form (sibling rivalry!) and Cal's "West Side" fake gang signs at the end (HA!), we properly rang in Lola's new year.  Still in complete awe she is SIX.

(Hit PAUSE on my Playlist below to be completely blown away by some high quality musical entertainment...)

The night continued with a few games of pool on the new table (Thanks SO MUCH, Jon & Peggy! WE LOVE IT!!!)...

During my complete annihilation of Cal, Cam & Scott, the girls watched each other on with utter horror delight!
"Are you REALLY 6???"  ~  "You bet your sweet ass I am."
The official Birthday day started off with a bath...

...and it continued with flowers, a gift and more singing from her Gran & Papa!

The day's festivities continued with a parade in Lola's honor... (actually it was our town's annual parade, but we told Lola it was all for HER!  And she tooooootally believed us!  :)
These gypsy/Oriental band dodes dudes ROCK!  Scott was all bummed because the guy who normally wears NO SHIRT but just a sparkly vest was missing this year.  And once again this year he asked if they made those curly, pointy-toed shoes in a size 15.  AND made some super inappropriate gong comments.  What's new?!??!  Cannot take him ANYWHERE!!!

Our friends were rockin' the "Lonesome Duck" car... Lola's favorite part of the parade, I'm pretty sure!  

"Nice ass," said Scott.  HA!
And then later, the donkey cart drivers were trying to walk them in a circle for some added parade flare, and one was refusing to turn, so Scott turned to Cal & blurts out, "What a dumb ass!"  Love that man.

Our evening was topped off with PF Chang's take-out (Thanks, Jim & Cheryl... we love that place!!!) and some family time with Scott's family & his cousin who was in town from Texas...
Cousins  ~  Brett, Carl & Scott

Our weekend ended with some fun-in-the-sun with our next-door neighbors.  The boys swam in our icy, 69 degree pool... yep, earliest swim EVER  ~  4.30.12!
Hal  ~  AKA Mini-Cal!

Sid  ~  Both boys are like the little brothers Cal never had!

Cal  ~ 13.5 years old

Happy 6th Birthday, Lolita!  You are SO LOVED!!!!!

"To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven."  ~Karen Sunde



Jeanie said...

Truly the birthday song rendition was incredibly wonderful but the bestest part BY FAR was Romeo moseying in at the end, sniffing, looking at the camera like "WTF?" and then walking on through. He's over it.

Jennifer said...

I am glad that she had such a wonderful birthday. And, what a spoiled brat.. A parade just for her. Pshh sounds like a princess. Rock on Lola!!

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