Sunday, February 20, 2011


These are too good to not share again...  WE LOVE YOU, LOLA!  xoxo

And my personal fave... this is a card Scott gave me because he thought it was the feline version of Polly Ann.  HAHAHHAHAHAHA!  We are *such* dorks! 

(surely she knows we're laughing WITH HER, right?!??!) 



Joyfullygrateful said...

Your children are soooo blessed to have such fun-loving parents ^_^

Whimsey said...

LOL again; so funny. I'm certain she knows your laughing WITH HER and not AT HER. HA HA

Just makes me chuckle!

It was great to see you Friday evening; you guys are always loads of fun!

Still that loss stung eh?

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