Sunday, April 10, 2011


"We are rarely proud when we are alone." ~ Voltaire

Lately I've been thinking about how incredibly blessed my life is. These kids o' mine amaaaaaaze me on a daily basis. I find it difficult to capture it all, though I'm trying to take as many pictures & document as many memories as I can before I forget them. I hope to give you a glimpse over the next few days of just how proud I am of each of my kiddos (and possibly Scott, too).

SO proud of my Claire in her hydrotherapy class...
Claire swimming with Anna

Saying "NO!" Naughty girl doesn't want her legs stretched!

*LOVE* that Anna "gets" my girl(s)...and that the warm water helps her tight muscles MELT...and how darling she looks when she stares down at the water so carefully and with such intent with THIS precious look in her eyes like she is checking it ALLLLLLL out & life is good & she is HAPPY.

Lil' sis, Lola, after HER swimming class. Still not lovin' it nearly as much as Claire, but she is finally not fake-crying and protesting now! And is it me, or is Lola looking borderline CHUBBY in this picture?!??! I know my idea of chubby for my girls is skewed, but DAMMMMMNNNNNNN!!!! GO GIRL!!!!
SO proud of my Lola with her eating... 
Lola trying her first bite of Maui Gold pineapple! (Thanks, Grandma & Grandpa!) She sucked that bad boy like she meant it!!!

Partial fail... HA! Lola was not so sure about this, but she seemed to like it! And she kept it down with no 8 feet projectile vomiting episodes, so I'm calling it a VICTORY.

SO proud of my Cal for his outstanding season at Biddy Basketball...
2011 Age 11-12 year old Biddy Basketball Regular Season and Tournament Champions ~ Wichita Dream Team ~ AKA Cal's brothers!

Also proud of our boys who made the All-Star Team... Michael, Jahlyl & Cal

I love you, Cal!

SO (not) proud of my hubby, Scott, for salvaging these from God-knows-where recently... 
Ladybugs? Turtles? Jury's still out... regardless, ummmmm, WTF?!??!

I now know WHY my hubby felt the need to rescue these for me... my man is drawn to anything with a tiny melon. He (sadly) said he spotted these from like 30 feet away & KNEW they had to be ours. HAHHAHAHHAHA. WOW.
To prove the point...
Claire is clearly NOT amused here... may have possibly just thrown up in her mouth a little.

Ummmm, yeah. And if that wasn't bad enough...
HATEFUL! Apparently these things multiply (I SO BAD want to quote Chevy Chase in Fletch Lives right now, but I'd BETTER NOT...!!!) because we've now got babies. Yes, ON MY MANTLE. IN MY LIVING ROOM!!!!!!! RIGHT NOW! FOR THE PAST SEVERAL WEEKS!!!!!! I cannot tell you the number of people who come in, look up at our mantle & say, "Ummmm, THOSE are... uhhhh, interesting?!?!" Yeah Scott, it's ON, ya' dode. Your ass is mine. HA!

A few more proud moments to come in the next day or two... stay tuned!



josh said...

LOVE the hydrotherapy pics! We recently came across a device called a water way baby and it is a floatie that goes around the child neck and helps with water play. We got one for our son and he LOVES it.

Also, you are much more kind about the crazy lady bugs. I am not sure my wife would have let me in the house with them.

Gwen said...

YES! We have the Water Way Babies floatie, too! We use it in the tub & in our pool at home, but Anna prefers the Kiefer one for hydrotherapy with her -- something about positioning works better for what she does with the girls... We love it, too!

HA about the ladybugs... :) He snuck them in, and I plan to abort his mission pronto. LOL

Thanks for your kind words!

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

The ladybugs? Hahahaha their profile with your girls profile ... cracks my shit up. :) You are a nicer wife than me, I woulda thrown them out!

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