Friday, May 13, 2011

As promised...

A few weeks ago, I mentioned a "first" for Lola... her first french braid EVER!  (Yes, at age 5.  :)  Hey, my girl's hair is FINE!!!  Like her mother's, dammit.)  It was damn near impossible to finagle, as I was working with mere strands of hair in each gather, but I somehow managed to pull THIS off...
My hand holding her braid, as a size reference.  And no, that's NOT the guy's hand below... HA!  (I love The Far Side!)
I remember my Dad showed this cartoon to my 6th grade basketball team years ago... we thought it was hilarious -- and I still do!!! 
OK, so I was all excited, because you know how when you have your hair french braided and then take it out, it's all wavy and pretty?!?!?  I was hoping for VOLUME!  Curls!  Lola's head to look BIG(ger)!  To not see her scalp!  Ummm...
Oh well, I tried.  :)  Lolita has my heart... I am *SO* in love with this child.  OMG.
Doing PT with our beloved therapist, Donna... who is totally FAMILY to us now.  xo
Rear view... hahahahahahaha!  Cracks me UP!
Art project done with our OT, Shelly ~ she always does the coolest things with our girls!
Why yes... YES IT IS.  Love you, Polly Ann.  xo
 Side note, ummm, how cute are Cal & Kaitlyn?!  OMG!

My girl, Claire has been ON FIIIII-YAHHHH lately during PT!  Donna and I both are in awe of how much she is changing.  Check it ouuuuut (said in my best Fergie voice!)...
Ignore the bed head & the fact she is partially asleep  ~  My girl is pushing up on her arms in her beanbag!!!!!!  (Oh, and those are her purple thumb splints on her arms/hands... but we affectionately call them her sparring gloves.  :) 

Let me sleep FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!!!! (said in Claire's best Tommy Boy voice!)  But OMG -- how awesome is she doing?!??!!?!?  WOOHOOOOO!
Once again, sleeping during therapy, but sitting up SO straight & beautiful!!!  YEAH BUGGY!
Flashing gang signs even amidst sleep... that's my girl.  :)  WSD (West Siiiiiiiiiiide Dwarves), yo.
I cannot believe how far Claire has come in her almost-10 years!  It truly is mind-blowing, and I am SO proud of her in all she does.  Last night I told her she was my favorite... and she sort of is.  :)  Course, tomorrow I will tell Cal the same thing... and Lola the next day!  They truly complete my life in a way I never expected before motherhood.

On a different note, my dear friend Jennifer lost her husband last week.  Bob, The Sofa King, will be DEEPLY MISSED.
  Cheers to you, Bob... the world was Sofa King blessed to have you in it.  xo


Maria S Cardenas said...

Epic Fail! hahahaha. It didnt work with Miss Lola and WSD?! You kill me, Gwen!!!
I am sooo proud of Claire too! WTG Claire!

Usethebrains Godgiveyou said...

Your children make you magic...for real!
Sorry about your friend.

Jill said...

Your children are precious, Gwen. Thanks, too, for the sweet tribute to Nenni's Bubo. Very kind of you. xo

Mary K. said...

so so cute! :) I love your pictures. Miss you guys, can we PLEASE see eachother soon? You could come over here OR we could bring food to your place! I can't wait to see little Lola, she's growing too fast! :)

Gwen said...

Sorry that all comments were lost during the time Blogger went down... (for this post only) -- I read them all & thank you very much!!!!!

xo Gwen

Gwen said...

Also, for some reason pictures aren't showing up on posts dating back to April 28, 2011 -- in touch with Blogger about getting this resolved ASAP -- THANKS for your patience!!!!!!!

celia argueta belamide fellow Micro pal said...

Dude Claire looked like a Budah in one of her sitting straight up pix ... I totally loved the pix and ur funny and loving comments xoxo ... BTW i miss u bunches!

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