Saturday, May 07, 2011

Road trip!

The last week of April, we Hooligans had the opportunity to head up to South Dakota to spend some time with our dear friends, the Tellinghuisen Family.  We had SO much fun, I wanted to share our trip with all of you!  Beware, lots of pictures on this long post (!), as they are what truly capture who our precious kiddos are. 
No fair that Dode gets the front seat!!!  Can you totally tell we're in Kansas -- check the view.  Glorious!  LOL 
CODE DODE.  :)  Clearly my iPhone prefers me to hold still not get jacked around in the back of a bumpy truck for the ideal, clear shot.  LOL  We had SO much fun playing our own versions of "Don't Forget The Lyrics" and "Name That Tune" on the way up!  (And yes, you guessed it, Yours Truly was victorious once again... oh yeahhhhhhh!)
Easter gifts from Steph's Mom for the kids!  SO SWEET!!!  Polly Ann has placed both in firm, fisted headlocks for safe keeping.  :)  Do I see her gritting her teeth for emphasis?  Why yes.  Yes I do.  BRAT!!!
Cal was stoked about his sports magazine & chocolates!  Lolita got a proper stare-down after her stuffed animal beatdown earlier.  Justice was served.
More goodies!!!  (Notice Faw-Gop is in time-out in the background.  HA!)
Best apartment name EVER, right next to our hotel.  HA!
Jason, Cole & Stephanie  ~  shortly before Cole's baptism
The Hartley Hooligans + Cole, Boy of Honor!  (damn, he totally dwarfs Polly Pocket?!  HA!)
Cal meeting Cole for the first time.  I'm pretty sure he was terrified of Cal's humongo-like melon.  We ALL are.  :) 

Scott & Claire-bug, clearly not quite awake.  :)
During the baptism...
One of my favorite pics!

Gwen, Ty & Cal
On their best behavior at the reception after Cole's baptism... a rare sight.
Scott's playtime with Cole at his reception.  Love these boys!!!
Snuggling my Ty Ty  ~  sorry I grabbed your junk in the process, sweet boy.  Oops!   :)
Cal & Ty at Terrace Park
Scott & Claire posing by the huge-ass cannon
Claire's livin' on the edge... Scott having a Michael Jackson moment.  HAHAHAHAHAHA!
Jason & Aidan
Cal & Cole  ~  Super C's
Jason & Aidan and Claire & Scott
Gwen, Lola, Cal & Aidan
Quads in full effect, y'all...  beware, Lola was in RARE FORM for nearly ALL our photo taking escapades.  Fun, fun.
In cognito... that's how these celebrities roll.  (see what I mean about Lola?!??!)
Guaran-damn-tee you we paid for this one later.  LOL
The torch has been passed... lady-urtles RULE, yo!!!  Notice how jazzed Aidan & Claire are?!  Ummmm, yeah.

SIDENOTE:  The tiny set has found a new home with Kate & Anabelle  ~  the resemblance is uncanny!  Glad they can now haunt bring you guys joy!!!

Nothin' but love... Aidan + Claire
Crapped out & lovin' life!
Ty & Cal
Cal & Aidan
Now let the madness begin... Ty & Lola were OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!  Observe...
Lola instigating... Ty, the opportunist, making his move on her!

GET HER!!!!!!!!!

Hand on his package, goin' for his girl.  Well played, Ty Ty.
Mixin' it up... Ty is so proud of himself for goin' rogue on Polly Ann.  She's gonna get him & gopple!!!
Best pic EVER.  HAHAHHAHAHA!  What a cluster!!!!!!
Since I've been seeing a chiropractor, I'm going to try this ONE little move I learned out on Lola... I grab her under her chin & TWIST...  HAHAHAHAHA!  She LOVES IT!!!!!  :)
The money shot?!?!?  HA!  Finally got their shit together, though it feels put on.  Can't we all just GET ALONG?!?!?
Yes, I know what you're thinking.  Awwww, Lola SMILES!!!  How sweet & innocent & cute!  Alas, this scenario is nothing but trouble.  Observe her ever-famous seizure smile, the precursor to the real shitstorm about to ensue.  Normally this "attack" is capped off with a good 8-ft. record-setting barf.  Good distance!  This was the story of Polly Ann's day.  Cute?  I think not.
C+C (Music Factory)... hahahahaha!  EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!
Brotherly Love!
My favorite 6-pack!
Thank you SO MUCH to Stephanie, Jason, Aidan, Ty, Cole & family for a most WONDERFUL weekend!  We LOVED getting to meet all your family & spend time with you and your precious boys.  We are SO INCREDIBLY BLESSED our quads led us to one another.  Love you guys so much!  You truly are FAMILY.   



helicopter Mum of 6 ♡ said...

OMG Gwen - I was crackin up on those pictures - and may I add your pictures turned out great! I want to comment on all of them! Love the bunny & lamb in a Lola headlock! You are right, Cole dwarfs Polly Pocket in the baptism picture - whoa!! Cal & Ty at Terrace Park... could totally pass for brothers. So stinkin' sweet. I love Claire's 'senior pic' pose over looking the river ha! The pictures of Claire & Aidan make my heart melt... Ty and Lola on the other hand - Man Alive those two crack me up! I was digging the play-by-play. You have to send me the one of them when they finally tamed their wild selves. Lola's smile is adorable in that picture - tho we do know what comes after hahah. It reminds me of Aidan's smile =) LOVE our 6-pack!!! Thank you guys SO much for coming up to see us -- can't wait to see you all again at the end of the summer!!! xoxoxo P.S. sorry for the novel... I could go on and on ha.

DoRe' said...

Sweet--precious moments together. And you're looking fantastic, as usual; still off the sugar?

Hugs! And Happy Mama's Day!!!

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