Thursday, August 11, 2011

Drama Queen

Dear Impostor Lola,

We aren't sure WHAT you've done with REAL Lola, but we *kind of* want her back.  Though your antics are SO-unbelievably-cute-we-want-to-laugh-and-cry-and-kiss-you-simultaneously & they are TOTALLY melting ALL of our hearts, we are also pretty sure that we are not worthy of your drama dump this past few weeks.  Our relationshit (not a typo!) has progressed to a point where you are doing the below acts more than you are being sweet, so we're gonna have to throw down.  Nighttime sleeplessness BLOWS, yo.  And when Mama ain't happy, ain't NO ONE happy, so we're hoping you can get your shit together real soon


Mom, Dad, Cal, Claire, Pre & Romeo

PS -- We still love you sooooooo much.  xoxo

PS #2 -- THESE FACES (below) were WAYYYY worthy of a 29 picture (sometimes-grainy-because-I-took-them-with-my-iPhone-in-a-dark-room) blog post, too, because YOU ARE THE CUTEST LITTLE DRAMA QUEEN EVER!!!!!  OMFG!

Notice the hand "pumping it" --  whenever it's "in action," that means Polly Ann is HELLA PISSED!!!!!!!

This face is freakin' POUTrageous.  OMG.

Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!  SO SAD!!!!!!!!!

If you ask her, "YOU NEED TO CRY??????  YOU GONNA PUT YOUR LIP OUT?!??!?!" it only makes things SOOOOO much worse & she gives us WAYYYYY more drama.  This dwarf knows how to WORK IT!!!
I am SO PROUD of the half-assed, modified flip-off with her left hand!  THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!!!

F-You, Carlos O' Kelley's, Lola says!!!!!!!!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What did I dooooo?????  I am INNOCENT.  COMPLETELY INNOCENT.

Let's RUMBLE, beyotch!  I'll take you down like I did that nun!!!  It's ON.

Pocket's a hurtin' unit!!!!!

Side profile is RIDIC, Mrs. Pocket... Total drama-gician, creating drama outta NOTHIN'.  LOL

Pissy fit!!!

MAD HAIR DAY!!!!!!!!!!  HA!


Miss Pissy Pants in full effect,  y'all...

Recovered nicely but then...

SHITSTORM STARTING... (and dude, check out those thumbs?!??!  Notice them coming out of the backs of her fists?!)

Total Angst-ipation ~ at its finest.  HAHAHAHAHAHA! 


Unilateral freckles SO ROCK!!!


Our little shitstigator hard at work... HA!

"Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either." ~Golda Meir



Bec said...

That is one MAD Miss Polly Pocket!!!! She clearly doesn't realise the angrier she gets the CUTER she gets!!!!

nicole said...

Aww that precious gurl. What a fit she is throwing to adorable. I hope Miss Polly realizes the lip sticking out makes it so so so adorable.

My little Miss Zoey has been making some weird faces and angry faces like she is going to jump me in the alley. lol too cute

Gwen said...

We considered ALL of that, Rhonda -- thinking some of it's tied to belly/digestive issues (working on that!) -- some is teething/drooling/swallowing tons of drool/feeling urpy/actually urping/then feeling better -- but then rinse & repeat. GOOD TIMES!

It'll get better... she has been happier since she went to our chiropractor earlier this week... we're on top of it, but dammit, it's just sooooooo cute, too! LOVE HER!!!!!!!!!! <3

Unknown said...

Dearest Lola,
You are a drama queen after my own little drama queens heart! Your soul sister in drama queenness is named Tiny. Well, her name IS NOT Tiny, but she has banned us from atop her drama queen throne from calling her anything else. For a week now.I thought I gave her a perfectly good name at birth, put apparently Ashlen is NOTHINGGGGGGGG compared to Tiny. Oh, also, I thought you might enjoy that not only am I "in the time out chair" as I type this, but if I look at TINY, I owe her "22 hundred millions of real 5 dollars." She is 3, (and from her attitude, shes also 14, 25, and 40)and her dwarf is on the inside I guess, because she is most certainly following in your lovely sweaty-heeled footsteps! TINY said that she would tell you that you have pretty eyes, but she's not talking to me for "13 hundred minutes." Teeny fist bumps to you from your newest buddies in Flint, MI., Christina and Tiny.

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