Saturday, September 03, 2011

Dwarf Dojo

OK, so I recently found this ol' gem-of-a-folder on Scott's bulging hard drive (HA!), and it was just TOO CLASSIC to not share.  These pictures were taken on December 12, 2007 when Lola was just over a year & a half old.  As usual, we were doing childish things with her -- big surprise!  Apparently Scott found an old crocheted scarf that his grandma had made for a Christmas snowman decoration, and when I came into the room, he had Lola suited up & ready to fight.  I am pretty sure a little pee came out when I saw it.  I knew I HAD to capture that moment in time, and I am *SO* glad I did!!!  Judging from the footage and size discrepancy, I'm assuming these sparrers were clearly competing at the same skill level (just like Kramer in Seinfeld!).  Enjoy our chubby (see, she actually *DID* go through a baby fatty stage!), eczema-ridden, mini karate (that's pronounced "ka-rot-tay!") star in silent-film-style action!  Wish I had a flip-book of this bad boy.  HA! 

God, we are SO immature. 

And I LOVE IT!!!



Jim said...

I have had the privilege of knowing the Hartleys for many years now, they have taught me so many things without knowing it. To be grateful, that life is about attitude. To not be so selfish and think about myself and what I dont have... I could go on and on. They are amazing people. Gwen is like an angel..She doesnt have a clue how much respect I have for her. I recommend reaching out to these people, they are amazing. I am blessed to know them. Jim Burke

The Good, The Bad, & The Family said...

This photo montage (sp?) gave me a bog ol' case of the smileys! I love it!


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