Sunday, April 15, 2012

One-uppin' my Atari

Last weekend we celebrated my niece's & brother-in-law's birthdays at their house.  We always have fun hanging out there, and one added benefit of spending time at their house is that they have "Just Dance" on the Wii.  Oh yes... I am reconsidering my anti-video-game stance just so I can possibly get this groovy little gem for my own crib.

Observe our dialogue shortly before leaving our house to go to my sister's pad:

Gwen -- I'm totally taking yoga pants and my running shoes so I can dominate in "Just Dance" later.

Cal -- (laughing) Are you serious?!?!  You're just a dode.

Gwen -- I am just gonna destroy your ass in that jam.  And did you really think I would be able to give my best effort in these Silver jeans?!  If you're not first, you're last, jackknob.

Cal -- We didn't dance off to a song!!!  You mean "Hey Ya?"

Gwen -- Yeah.  That's it.  I rocked your world on that last time.  I sure as shit didn't mean Rasputin.  That's your Dad's specialty.

Cal -- WHATEVER!  I beat you in Hey Ya!!!! 

Gwen -- Negatory.

For proof of Scott's skillz, I present to you Scott "dancing" to Rasputin with our 6-year old friend Hayden a few months ago:  (scroll down & hit PAUSE on my Playlist first!)

A special thanks to our great friends, Max & Jill, for providing us with this fabulous video!!!

For fear of getting paid back the Hubs pissed off, I will quote HIM:  "Anyone over 6 feet tall should NEVER be on a dance floor."  Discuss amongst yourselves... true?  Not true?  Do you guys know any tall people who can truly/properly/successfully bust a move (that sounded soooo late 80's!!!)???

And for the record, Scott somehow managed to beat Hayden in the above clusterf*ck dance number.  I'm thinking it must be due to some freaky long arm/legs flailing phenomenon which skewed the camera, because I'm SURE Hayden owned his ass...

On a brighter note (HA!), which is better (should I cave for selfish reasons) -- Wii? XBOX 360? Playstation with Kinect??? I'm such a rookie. The last gaming system I had was an Atari!!! (Where I/it truly WAS on like Donkey Kong, yo.)

Soul sisters... still.  <3

Kina gave us matching piggies!

"We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance." ~ Japanese Proverb


Janene said...

You always make me laugh: )Looks fun!

Anonymous said...

You should get a Xbox bc the new games are sooo cool and u don't use controllers its great

DoRe' said...

YES! This cracked me up (as do so many of your posts...)! The arm span on your man is incredible; I'm glad I'm way too short (and far away) to ever be endangered by those flailing arms. (Why, yes, I DO recognize that observation is borderline weird; give me a break. :-9)

I think I like the Kinect, 'cause you don't have to hold any wands or controllers--one less thing to think about.

Love from Washington!

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