Saturday, November 03, 2012

Hooligans' Halloween History ~ Part 2

In living color, enjoy PART 2 of The History of The Hooligans' Halloweens ~ 2008-2011.  I warn you, things are gonna get really weird.  (And I may need TWO angry dragons... HA!  Please tell me you've all seen Starsky & Hutch... !)

Quite possibly my FAVORITE Halloween picture EVAHHHHHH.
Lola ~ Age 2.5 ~ Witchy woman!

My dear grandmother passed away on Halloween in 2008... I faked a smile, but I was so sad in this picture.
RIP Grams...  I miss you so much.  
BOK BOK!!!  Oh, and nice wig, Madam.

When Cal went trick-or-treating, he turned around, people would "shoot" candy into his pumpkin, & the goal would cheer!
We still have this "hat!" 

Did Sally Jesse Raphael get contact lenses?!

Meet our old school ESPN sports reporter in the field, Ron Burgundy... oops, I mean Cal Hartley!!!
Reporting live from Infinity Art Glass... (is that a clip-on?!)
"Go f*ck yourself, Benton!"
Claire ~ age 8 ~ unbeknownst to you, Mimi has like 4 burprags jammed into the hood of this costume acting as a "falsie."
Might have stuffed her bra, too.  LOL

Lolita  ~  age 3.5  ~  Is she even in costume?!  HA!


Slash just got done shredding guitar.  Surprised you didn't know he lived in Kansas now & is a spokesman for Sunkist. Yep yep!
Hello, ladies.
(PS -- We may have gone a teensy bit "balls out" on Halloween decor in the background up there.  Yikes!)
G's up, hos down.
You be illin'...
Arrrrrrrr, mateys!
"All yer booty arrrr belong ter us!"
Cannot take my eyes off my rack in this picture!
Must be some trick photography because they.  look.  FANTASTIC!  LOL

2011 ~ Click HERE for last year's complete Halloween blog/more pictures & scroll down for a sampling below!

Our motley crue
Cam & Cal ~ Partners in crime
The 7th grade gang!
The best damn jockeys in the world, weighing in at 10 & 20 lb. respectively!
Giddy up!
Lola's makin' Pongo her bitch.
Claire Hartley, Future Triple Crown winner!

Stay tuned for pictures from the 2012 Hartley Hooligans' Halloween Extravaganza!  



Heather Vincent said...

Hey, this is HeatherYV from IG! OMG...after seeing this post, I am SERIOUSLY the MOST BORING MOM EVER!!!! I think I need to change a few things. Thanks for sharing and for making me think! :)

Banana Stickers said...

God, I love Halloween so much. I think the demon one is my favorite but they're all so FUN!

Twinsplus1 said...

Awesome. I love Cal's basketball setup! And th jockeys!

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