Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Giddy Up!

"When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: He trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it..." ~ William Shakespeare, Henry V

Lola, the best friggin' jockey on the planet, with her beloved Pongo

Claire & Pongo (yes, HE IS sporting a multi-colored pink heart fleece blanket, and I'm not sure he's too happy about it. LOL)

"There is no secret so close as that between a rider and his horse."
~ R. S. Surtees

Cal actually came up with the idea to have Claire & Lola dress up as horse jockeys this year for Halloween.  I searched like a mofo online to find ANY jockey costume I could in a size 3-6 month and a 5T.  No dice.  But I WAS lucky enough to stumble upon The Littlest Jockey, an Etsy shop with beautiful jockey silks handmade -- with love! -- by Peggy Mauro.  She was the most amaaaaaazing person to work with, custom-sizing the jackets & hats to fit our girls' tiny heads and bodies.  We thank you SO MUCH, Peggy, for ALL you did for us (with relatively short notice, no less)!  These were -- BY FAR! -- our FAVORITE costumes to date.  The girls stole hearts and earned plentyyyyyy of "ooooohhhhh's" and "aaaaahhhhhh's" (and maybe an "Are they real?" or seven!) over the course of the past few days of sportin' their silks. 

You all know by now that we Hooligans never half-ass Halloween.  We tend to go apeshit a titch overboard with accessories to compliment the costume, and this year was no exception.

Check me:

We totally could NOT pass up this rockin' costume for our Romeo from the lovely Target (Tar-zhay pronunciation, of course).
Waiting for trick-or-treaters... "Capricorn" lovingly greeted (and tongue-kissed, I'm pretty sure!) damn near EVERY SINGLE ONE of our -- COUNT 'EM!!!!! -- 200 trick-or-treaters this year!!!  He was a star! 

Unrequited love at its finest.  HA!  Zoe (my parents' Italian Greyhound) cannot STAND Romeo!!!  Pretty sure she busted his balls (wait, he doesn't have any... HA!) .0075 seconds after this picture was taken.  She may be little, but she is mighty! 
Hangin' on for dear life!

One word for ya':  MORTIFIED!
A big thanks to Flint Hills Therapeutic Riding Center & our physical therapist there, Cindy Sappok, for lending us the riding crops & putting up with us taking shitloads of pictures with Pongo!!!  We SO appreciate all you do for our girlies!!!! 
Lovin' the devil-angel color combos!!!!!  FITTING!!!!!! 

Half-expected an extended middle finger on that left hand... HA!

Pissed as hell.  Who is this impostor?  Where is Pongo?!?!  I will SMOTHER YOU. 

I've just about had it with your SHIT, Mother... (we are 100% sure Claire would cuss like a sailor if she could talk.  LOL)
Workin' the tight head shot... but fading QUICK!
Back the F off, fake, wanna-be Pongo!!!!  This is MY dance space.

Workin' the aviators... Maverick & Goose would be jealous!
Lola, ever-ready, with her Gran (my Mom) and her "Uncle" Max (who confiscated Lola's Boppy pillow as his own last night!)
All business.
Thanks to my niece, Ali, for letting us borrow her horsey as a prop!!!
Stellar technique!

Lola is clearly not finding much humor in riding Papa Jack's tiny horse from HIS childhood, circa 1950's!!!  We applaud her determination & adapted form nonetheless. 

More Hooligan shenanigans below...
We are *SO* proud of you, Cal.  HA!

Sweet Child O' Mine

Cal & his buddy, Cam, learnin' the ropes from Slash Scott

Cam, Saige, Kaitlyn & Cal 

Cal & Kaitlyn
Ever-so-proud of this picture in EVERY single way.  The shirt, the wig, the spotty facial hair, the dark eyebrows.
Damn, she's HOT!  LOL

Can you tell who runs the camera in this household?!  Uhhh, yeah.  This pic of Lola & me was taken a few nights before Halloween, before a WSU Shocker Volleyball game.  Apparently between games, there was a costume party for kids of all ages.  We were not aware of that fact until it was in progress, or I'm PRETTY SURE my 10 pound
"athletic supporter" could have brought home the gold.  HA!

Until next year... GIDDY UP!


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HEAB said...

OK, loved Claire and Lola (and totally thought Claire was in the "give the finger" stance too), but I have to say that Romeo's costume kicked ass. Oh my gosh, that was awesome - I think Einstein and Radley need one. Also loved Slash...and the Dirty Dancing and Top Gun references. ;)

Happy Halloween to my favorite Hooligans. Love you guys!

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