Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Hartley Hooligans Hero Halloween!

In typical Hartley fashion, we may or may not have gone a wee bit overboard on Halloween yet again this year.  We like to blame it on peer pressure, as our neighbors all do the same damn thing, but in reality, we all just love this holiday.  This year we opted for the ever-popular superhero theme, as it was one we hadn't rocked before. We often refer to our girls as our tiny superheroes anyway, so it seemed fitting.  Any child who has gone through something beyond difficult and come out the other side even stronger is a hero in my book anyway. So without further ado (I have ALWAYS wanted to say that!), I present to you our 2015 Halloween festivities!

The Hooligan 7!

Ace & Gary... I mean, Batman & Robin!

Holy smokes, Batman.  I cannot believe they dressed me in this shit.

Holy strawberries, Batman!  We're in a jam!
Did you see where they tied my mask on?  UNDER MY CHIN.
(Do our dogs have microcephaly, too?!?! HA!)

Cal Kent

An unlikely coupling of Wonder Claire & Pocket Hulk have teamed up to protect & serve!

Quite possibly my favorite picture of Claire EVER!!!

I spy Wonder Bok (Lola's tiny rubber chicken)...

Hulk & Feta SMASH!
(Those damn fists are bigger than Mrs. Pocket!)

Tracey & Mrs. Hulk

Wonder Feta to the rescue!!!
(A big thanks to Tracey for decking out our non-feathered friend in matching Hulk attire! LOL)

My mini-Hulk all tuckered out

OMG.  I love them sooooo much.

Nice wig, Madam.
I am embarrassed to admit that Scott dressed up as "Amazing Scott," complete with a shirt stating this, red floral Hawaiian board shorts, and a blonde, poofy ladies' wig.  W.  T.  FFFFFFF?!?!

A huge thanks to our awesome occupational & vision therapists, Stacey & Joli, for the awesome painted superhero pumpkins!  This was a three week project that involved hand painting the bottom color the first week, the top color the second week & then adding the gold/white accents the third week.
Scott used a black Sharpie to outline & create the final product.  SO AWESOME!!!

Post-Halloween mood



MamaV said...

Stunning and hilarious.

Unknown said...

Awesome! Super creative. Cute family pictures, I especially love the picture of the kids.

Unknown said...

I hope you had an awesome Halloween
Best of wish from therase

Unknown said...

When I see your girls I don't see there problem all I see is two beautiful angels that is loving there family they are happy so in brace them and love your babies we are all different that is how God

Anonymous said...

I love your spirit.. I love your precious children... Your son actually looks like my son Benjamin.. I love Feta too... You brought me out of a pretty crappy night, thank you... I wish you and your hubby and wondrous kidos the best that life can offer...
Love sincerely,

Unknown said...

You all look so happy here, and it's lovely to see the girls enjoying it all x

bogold said...

That pic of "flying" Clarie is really especial & beautiful!♡
Keep your hopeful, loving soul.
Be blessed!

Unknown said...

I admire your strength and dedication you have for your family! I can't tell you how your family inspire me to be a better mother, wife and friend. With all my heart may God bless your family specially your beautiful girls!

KHouse said...

You. are. awesome.

One Lucky Duck said...

Too incredible. What lov! What heroism! What beauty!

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