Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Perfect Cheer

Back around Christmastime, I had the pleasure of seeing my friend, Danielle (& her family) from high school. One of her daughters -- Mady -- is a cheerleader at a nearby school that Cal's team plays against in basketball. Danielle mentioned that she & Mady would like to make hair bows for both sets of cheerleaders -- Cal's team & Mady's team -- to wear in Claire & Lola's honor. I thought that sounded like THE COOLEST IDEA EVER. We talked a few days before the game, and we set up a time and place to meet. She even texted me a pic as I walked into the gym. I was in complete & total awe at this... 

1.29.16  ~  Rose Hill & Circle cheerleaders with Claire & Lola
(Mady is holding Lola.)
Photo by Danielle Baker

Pre-game photo by Danielle Baker

Getting suited up!  Lola  =  #DivaStatus
Photo by Danielle Baker

Bows designed by Mady & handmade by Danielle and Mady
I am SO digging that Disney princess font -- PERFECTION!!!

Classic move on Claire's part of strategically aligning her head so as to pinpoint gauge Lola's eye out with very little effort on her part whatsoever.  Well played indeed.  Sibling rivalry at its finest -- I would expect nothing less!

The girls are rocking their handmade tutus, also made by Mady!  

Honorary Cheerleaders!

I still get goosies thinking about that night and how perfect it was in every single way. I loved how the two teams came together for a common goal, how both sets of cheerleaders made my girls feel so included, how proud they were to honor Claire & Lola, how others watching wanted bows also, how both teams' parents reached out to Scott, the girls & me telling us how touched they were by this gesture, how I didn't even give a shit who won the damn game because this whole thing felt SO. MUCH. BIGGER.  I love how our Circle cheerleaders still wear the bows many games later & how they smile with such love in their eyes at the girls when they get their fist bumps during the home games as if they are their "little sisters."  I love seeing tweets like this:

Big love to you, Ivory!

I love how, more than anything, it isn't just OUR little town who is embracing differences & seeing the beauty ANYWAY & giving and sharing love because of Claire & Lola. Our girls are changing this WORLD. I cannot tell you how much I love seeing my daughters as tiny messengers of change. I just am *so proud* to be part of the special needs community.

Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart to Danielle, Mady, the Rose Hill High School Cheerleaders, the Circle High School Cheerleaders, both communities, both teams, and all those who love our girls. You will never know how very much you mean to our family.  We love you guys!!!



Smcilvaineshc said...

Your posts always make me smile! Thank you for sharing, this is so awesome. Your girls really are changing the world. Thank you for sharing them with us! Made my morninggg :)))

Simon said...

Hello from Canada,
I love reading about Claire and Lola's adventures! Hope Lola was ok after Claire poked her in the eye!
Keep up the great blog!

Anonymous said...

I've been following on you tube for awhile. Your whole family's changing people showing unconditional love. I look for everything I can find about your family (I sound like a stalker, I'm not really lol.) I'm just amazed by you. It's hard to believe your girls are teenagers , and your son is so grown-up. A very handsome fellow. Gwen you are so beautiful, you look flawless. Your family all are beautiful but you, your exquisite. I think it's the love and happiness that shines through all of you. Just one question before I sign off, do your girls every get mad, at you or each other they always seem so calm and sweet.
many more blessings to you, DJay

Gwen said...

@Dawnjay -- Thanks for following our girls & our family & for your kind words!!! Means so much. The girls DO get mad - - at each other AND at me. Lola's mad at me right now because she is hungry, and she's crying/screaming at me as we speak! Better go feed her, but yes, they do fight. Lots of sibling rivalry for sure! :)

Unknown said...

I am still raising my 28 yr old micro, severe profound, MR with numerous medical issues daughter so I know how much love, attention,care and time goes into your day!!!! I was also told that my daughter would never live past one and yet.......she walks like a drunken sailor, has a 250 word vocab and even though she has a g-tube, I have taught her to eat by mouth!! Samantha is a very happy person and that is what really matters!!!!

Kudos and love to your family,

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