Sunday, April 10, 2016

Feel Better Friends

This past week, we were completely BLOWN AWAY when these Feel Better Friends arrived on our doorstep, courtesy of our new friend, Michele Llamas-White.  She had contacted us months ago and expressed interest in making some FBF for the girls.  I didn't quite know what to expect.  I sent her many pictures of the girls, zooming in on their legs and faces so she could try to replicate them as best as she could.  I also checked out their website & Facebook page to see more examples of what had been made before.  I was completely awestruck by the end results created by these ARTISTS at work!  The intricate details of each doll... the precision... the craftsmanship... the careful consideration for the beauty that comes through differences... WOW.  I am still speechless.

But I was even more speechless when our girls' Feel Better Friends arrived.  I couldn't take my eyes off of them for a good half hour.  I just kept seeing things I'd not seen before.  I kept turning them around, feeling their soft hair, looking closer & closer at how PERFECTLY they were made, and tearing up -- all at the same time.  Check it out... (said in my best Fergie voice... you know you just said it out loud, too.  Don't even lie!)

Shall we call them LoLo & Clara?  Lolita & Clarice?  LeeLee & Mimi?  Jury's still out...

Michele flat-out NAILED IT on Claire's doll.  The darling crossed legs (left over right, baby!), her arm position, her beautiful ears, her most fabulous Halloween costume EVER... it was straight up PERFECTION.  ALL OF IT!

And check out mini-Lola!  CAN I GET A "BOK BOK" FROM EVERYONE WHO SAW FETA FIRST & FOREMOST?!?!??!  I love you, Michele, for including our Bok.  He'd want it that way.  (Though he told me he is jealous he isn't as large, bodacious & colorful as mini-Feta... or should I say MAXI-Feta?!)  I love how the doll's legs are tucked under her.  I love her blue eyes.  I love her birthmark, long, flowy hair and her low forehead.  She is so pretty -- just like my girl!

Notice the little birthmark on her chin?
That's what we love about you, Michele -- your attention to detail!!!
(Fake $5 to the first person who knows what movie that's from!)

#FetaForever   #BokNation   #FetaForPresident   #BokIsLife   #InBokWeTrust   #WWFD   #ICouldGoOnAllDay

"I spy with my little eye the most beautiful girl on the planet!  Wait, that's me!"

"Who wore it better?!  If you guys say the Shorty with the bigger head, somebody's gonna be in a world of hurt."


We want to thank Michele & Feel Better Friends for making this a reality for our girlies!  We simply cannot tell you enough how much we adore these dolls, how fabulously they were made, and how touched we are by Michele's kindness.  

For more information about these beautiful, handmade dolls stuffed with love and well wishes, click on the following links:



Amber said...

O.m.g. She even included Bok. That's awesome. These dolls are beautiful- just like your girls.

Unknown said...

That's amazing! People's talents just amaze me, I'm far from an artist, I don't have the ability. She did a wonderful job catching things that I didn't ever notice! I follow your fb page, I read your blogs, and I love your family...I've never noticed a birthmark on Lola's chin! Until now of course. Wonderful job all around, to Michele for her beautiful art and to you and your husband for your beautiful family!

Mama Bee said...

Those are fantastic. Is Michele a Pet Detective too?!?

MamaV said...

I just can't get over how cute your girls' feet are!

catch_a_falling_star said...

Gwen, you can teach the world a thing or two about courage,resilience and positivity. If I had the power I would take you to all the educational institutions and big corporations in the world to give a speech about your life and you deal with it. I feel that your words (not the curse words but the general idea in your blog) need to reach more people, especially those who sweat the small stuff, are petty and are unkind.

Unknown said...

I vote for Lolita and Clarice! Darling❤️❤️💋

Sharon said...

Absolutely awesome dolls and so precious for two precious young, beautiful girls they represent. Great job, Michele!

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