Friday, April 22, 2011


"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."   ~ Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948)

First off, HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!

There have been many "firsts" lately with the girls and our family in general.  People always ask me if things ever change much with the girls... and to this, I reply, "EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE!"  The girls, while developmentally/physically kind of in a time warp (!), are constantly in a state of flux (I may or may not have REALLY wanted to omit the "l" and add the word "cluster" in front of that last word!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!).  Here's to celebrating all our "firsts" and a few recent changes, no matter how tiny!

FIRST pedicure of the season for our Lola...
Thanks to our babysitter, Charcie, for this!!!  Check out the bling, too!  LOVE the flowers.  OMG.  And as a reference, they are totally like the size of a pencil eraser, if not smaller.  :)  Oh, and check out Lola's crazy dorsiflexion?!?!?  Yeah, our girl can totally touch her toes to her SHINS -- no lie.  SUPER fun party trick nonetheless! 
Our FIRST-born "son"...
Pre curled up in the Boppy!  He will be 14 this year, despite many health problems the past 2-3 years.  LOVE THIS DOG.  SOOOOO MUCH.
A FIRST in the leg-crossing department for Claire...
Yes, Claire looks like a dainty little lady in this picture, but damn the Cerebral Palsy all to hell!!!  LOL  For ALL her life, she's crossed her left leg over her right leg.  NEVER the opposite.  And if it was right over left, she'd have a total shit fit!  Starting about a month or so ago, she went "fakey" style ~ totally switched it up with right over left almost ALL the time now.  I'm not at all disappointed, as I wonder if it is allowing her to sit upright at 90-90 (virtually unassisted) better, as it's kind of "unwinding" things in her spine/hip area?!   YEAH CLAIRE!   Pics to come in the next few weeks!
FIRST thing in the morning...
Ummmm, HELLO, BED HEAD!!!!!!!  Holy balls, Polly Ann!!!!!!!
FIRST time to try this...
LOVIN' the red streak!!!  And yes, this pic was totally taken in my Swagger Wagon.  Hollaaaaaaa!!!!!
FIRST Piggies & Paws experience...
Notice their darling little footprint garden fairies?!  Thanks to Abby for having the girls over to try this out!  WE LOVE IT!!!
FIRST time I've EVER seen Claire pull this stunt...
Raise your hand... if you're SURE!  Ummm, I have a question!  PICK ME!  Dwarf POWER!!!!!  WTF?!??!  Scott found it humorous at midnight-ish!  :)
"Throw your hands in the air, if you's a true playa!!!"  (Claire's a HUGE Notorious B.I.G. fan -- she's down with the gangsta rap)  This shit went on for a good 10-15 minutes!  She's intense...  :)
After the fact... lookin' all sweet yet slightly crazed and flushed and exhausted.  Love this child.  OMG.  THOSE EYES!!!!! 
FIRST and favorite newborn reflex which never went away -- THANK GOD!!!

SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!  (and yes, she IS a southpaw)
Not f'ing around, so to speak.  Gettin' PISSED!  HA!
Same shit, different day...  :)  I love it so!!!!!
The results of all her "hard work" ~ check out the massive drool stain?!  And HOW CUTE is her little head in this picture?!?!?  Seriously!!!
FIRST skirt of the Spring season...
OMG, I want one in my size!!!!!  Claire totally has the right to bare arms.  HAHAHAHAHA!
FIRST cousins!!!
Maranda & Lola (the best of friends!), Cal & Claire, Elisabeth, and Christina & Minnie ~ LOVE YOU GUYS SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!
FIRST reaction to my flash in a dark room...
Worst pic ever.  LOL  Cracked me UP!!!!
FIRST twinsies!  We were honored to have met the Tellinghuisen Family a year or two ago, and I am SO glad we did!  I can honestly say that I am PRETTY SURE they are living parallel lives about 8 hours north of us on a daily basis.  LOL  Steph and I communicate daily, share the goods/bads, and provide support that comes from a place of knowing exactly what life is like with two children with profound special needs.  I am not sure what I'd do without her!!!  Our kids look and act SO much alike that we call them "The Quads."  No lie, they could pass for siblings... Observe:
Cal with Aidan & Ty and Claire & Lola ~ May 2010 ~ Double down!!!
Famous Almost! 

"I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal..."  LOL
Hartleys & Tellinghuisens ~ October 2010
That pumpkin might be bigger than Mrs. Pocket's head!  LOL  Claire's trying to bitchslap her sister while Ty & Aidan are perfect angels  ~  WTF?!?!?  Bad dwarves!!!!!!  Get your shit together!!!!!! 
Aidan and Ty with the newest addition, Cole (AKA Mini-Cal!)!  Cannot wait to meet him very soon ~ pics to come!!!


Janene said...

Awww!!! Love all the firsts!! Happy Easter--almost!! I'll email you soon with a red car update--

helicopter Mum of 6 ♡ said...

I love it! I wanna post a comment on every stinkin' picture!!! Soooo excited to see you guys!!! I LOVE that new skirt of Claire's. She looks gorgeous. And I'm still amazed at Lola putting her hand to her mouth - never seen that until Cole was born! I can't wait to post about our newest adventure, can't wait to take more pics! The quads & the C-team are gonna hate us hahaha! Flash attacked! Love you, Mama -- thank you for being my bestie!

Carolyn said...

Love it! The first pedicure of the season was my favorite!

mama of many said...

love it. your so funny you crack me up. that foot thing that lola does, teal'c can do it to. and like claire Teal'c always folds his legs one way. he pulls them up to his chest right over left.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

I am in love with you. Is it wrong to admit that. ;) You post in the tone that I talk, yet am afraid to post in. LOL

I love all the pictures. I wish I could plop Emily between your mischevious dwarves and the handsome Tellinghuisen boys, for photos!

I am celebrating all the firsts along with you. We noticed the other day that Emily sneezed with OUT retching afterward. That was a magnificent first! LOL

Gwen said...

YEAH FOR EMILY!!!!! That *IS* a magnificent first! WOOHOOOO! Where do you live, girlie?! Maybe someday! She's sure a cutie!


Christy Pair said...

Saucy hair girl! C got a Polly P for her bday and you know who it totally reminded me of!

Josh said...

I love how candid you write. Your girls are too cute. Happy Easter!

DoRe' said...

Love it, as usual. And the hair is fabulous; I'm too chicken to do anything with mine but wash it. :-9

Lots of love Washington,
the Hawaiian :D

Shannon said...

Your girls are PRECIOUS!!!!!!!! Congrats on the five year milestone! I have come to you via the Tellinghuisen blog via another blog. I somehow got to their blog via blogs from my infertility I am not sure, but I have fallen in love with her sweet little fellows and am amazed at all she does as a mom. She inspired me. I am currently the mamma to a 4 year old Guatemalan princess and a homemade little guy who is 2. How incredible that your families have found one another. VIVA the QUADS!!!!!!! Blessings to your girls and family.

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