Saturday, April 02, 2011


'Scuse the mishmash post today, but that's kind of how my thoughts (life?!) have been the past few weeks.  Tryin' to find my mojo and get back on track!  I have had a lot to smile about lately, and here are some of the MANY reasons why.

I freakin' LOVE this dog.  Romeo (AKA "Cap" &/or "Capricorn!") makes me laugh EVERY SINGLE DAY.  This dog just GETS ME.  He finds ways to cheer me up, connect with me, and LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  One of his favorite things is when I get out a cutting board & knife... he knows I am going to make a salad or "green" for Claire, and he is all over me like stink on shit poop because HE GETS SAMPLES.  His favorite foods are kale (his absolute #1!!!  He does NOT discriminate between dinosaur kale or the regular kind either... !), clementines, and cucumbers.  Oddly, he can barely tolerate a carrot's mere existence and basically "Mr. Peepers"-es it into oblivion (jump to 1:10 into video clip for example...HA!).  Sad sight indeed, and it makes for a messy clean-up for me, so we've avoided those lately.

This video is one of Romeo's best tricks.  If you can't hear Cal, he is saying, "HEEEEEERE GOOOOOOOO!  Siiiiit.  Catch Cap." and then he launches half of a clementine section into the air & our "cat", Rome, goes to town on that bad boy.  He's pretty damn accurate, too... from up close, afar, at varying heights, and with different sizes/weights of "treats," too!  LOVE!  (TOTALLY ignore the suuuuuper messy house in the background.  O.  M.  G.)

My alma mater, Wichita State University, won the 2011 NIT Championship at Madison Square Garden this week!  SO!  FREAKIN'! PROUD!!!!  Wish we could've gone!!! 

We may or may not have gotten REALLY rowdy and wound up and LOUD and obnoxious as the night went on...  :)
I am WSU alumni, a former WSU track/cross country athlete, and I have attended Shocker Basketball games since birth (seriously!), so Wichita State is VERY close to my heart!!!  Now we are enjoying sharing these moment with our own children.  Cal already has "the love" and hopes to someday maybe play basketball for Wichita State.  There would not be more proud parents should that dream come true!!!  We are unsure what the girls think at this time... Lola's staring off into the distance and is about to "got it & gopple" all over her hand, while Claire has saucer-eyes & stiff arms... never a good combo.  HA!  I am going to blame the massive celebration/screams for that... when we WHOOPED ALABAMA!  (Sorry AL fans... we still love you!!!)  PROUD OF OUR SHOCKERS!!!!!!!!!  Should've been in The Big Dance instead this year!!!  (we lost to two teams in the NCAA Final Four by 1 & 4 points, respectively...props to our team!)  NIT CHAMPS!  YIPPEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
We ate at Red Lobster (HOLY CHEDDAR BAY BISCUITS, BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) the other night, and they gave our boy a kid's menu.  He kind of thinks those are too babyish for him now, but he still did a few of the puzzles and then basically got hooked on how HILARIOUS the front cover of this menu was!  Observe (Scott's blue crayon-ed in additions included!):
Red Lobster Kid's Menu Cover
Top left corner ~ Shark with 2nd ear, nose & body added = ROMEO!!!!!!!!  HA!  Thank goodness Scott can draw, because I could screw up a stick figure.
Middle Right ~ Tiny, microcephalic baby turtle with (added-in) legs crossed = CLAIRE!!!!!!! 
This is *TOTALLY* Mrs. Pocket!!!
Praying to all things holy that I don't get labeled chubby Mama Turtle because that would just be EMBARRASSING, yo.  Our family clearly has issues.  We are aware.  :)
OK, so I FINALLY got an iPhone, and I am LOVING IT!  One added perk is that it actually has more than a 0.00023 megapixel camera, unlike my last (free, POS) phone.  Cal told me to take his picture with the new phone to try it out, and here's the result.  Not too shabby...
Leave it up to my boy to say, "Ummmm, can you retake this?  My forehead looks freakishly HUGE here.  I'm going to tilt my head back (chin up) so it looks smaller."  HAHAHAHHA!  My response: "Actually, you just have the absence of microcephaly & I TOTALLY love you for loving your sisters' tiny noggins, but yours is PERFECT, child."  Cal said, "No seriously, re-take it."  LOL
Attempt #2:
He was still not pleased.  :)  I love this kid SO MUCH.

Oh, and by the way, the whole Lola basejumping-off-the-bed mystery MAY have been solved... I was unsure as to why our "non-mobile" child could move from the center of a king-sized bed to the hardwood floor FEET away in just a few minutes' time... could this be why?!??! 
BAD KITTY!!!!!!  Notice Romeo's left front paw on Lola's booty & how desperately close she is to the edge of the couch, almost to AGAIN buy it?!?!?  Ummm, yeah.  GUILTY.  Also observe the plethora of burp rags (I count EIGHT!) surrounding our Polly Ann (damn reflux!) as well as the fact we actually cover our dogs up on the couch with blankets.  We... DEFINITELY have issues.  :)
Kind of tiny, but the caption reads:  "Act normal.  That's already crazy enough." ~ Dutch Proverb 
Our family's motto indeed.  xo


Unknown said...

Loved it as always. My favorite part of your posts is how they make my lovely wife snort on the couh as he reads them. They make me smile, laugh and feel happy that this crazy Internet gave us a connection to such a lovely family.

Big-Ups to Wichita state - though it was a tough gane to watch as my customer that I was with in North Carolina at the time is a Washington State alum... Needless to say I was cheering for you using my 'inside voices' (kid talk, not psychiatric-based).

Thanks for the birthday wishes and the gift of my personal birthday post (whether you meant it that way or not, I claim it!).

Whimsey said...

Dear Gwen:

I know EXACTLY how you acted during the WSU game - ha, that boy ratted you out BIG TIME. Someone's mother said something like "we usually just sit and watch the game, are you quiet at all".....yeah, sumfin' like dat!



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