Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Flint Hills Therapeutic Riding Center

Weeeeeeeeeeeeelcome, mmmkay?  (Said in my best ever Mr. Mackey from South Park voice!)
I am *SO* proud to report that we started the girls back into Hippotherapy last week!  Claire went to "horses" shortly before Lola was born, but I soon realized how difficult making this journey weekly with two in tow might be, so we stopped going for awhile (run-on much?!).  I was unsure as to whether or not horses would be a hit with both girls now... thankfully, my concerns were quickly alleviated upon seeing the girls in action!!!  Claire + Lola + Horses = LOVE! 
Cutest little dock EVER out back...

One of the horses at the stable, Ittles, showin' some swagger!  Oh, and dear Ittles, I'm SO sorry I didn't know whether you were a boy or a girl & so I glanced in the region of your junk and decided you were in fact a girl, only to find out later that you were really just a "small-ish" boy.  My bad.  I'm blaming your fancy red legwarmers for that.  Hope my kisses & sweet talk made up for it!!!  AWKWARD.
Practicing for the real deal

Fake barrel horse is no freakin' fun!
Checkin' out the joint... meeting the other horses & the (extreeeemely loud, boisterous, hilarious) donkey! 
Horsey makin' his move, while the smart ass... OOPS!  I mean JACKASS watches on.  Notice Claire's mittens with the thumbs not filled out because she tucks her thumbs into her fists?!  NICE.  I just thought she was givin' me the double thumbs up.  Shiste.
This is totally the horse version of our dog, Romeo... OMG.  Notice his dorky-yet-endearing, subtle grin?!  The way he puts his chin down real low to look extra cute?!  His eyes totally smiling?!  Uhhh, yeah.  That's totally Capricorn (AKA Romeo).  LOL  Claire's having the time of her life, can't you tell?!  Insert almost 10-year-old eye roll here.
Tryin' to get a piece of ass.  HAHAHHAHA!  That was COMPLETELY uncalled for.

My fun-sized gal could give a rat's rectum about getting her booty sniffed by a horse like 7 gazillion times her size.  LOL

Claire gettin' "saddled up" on Babe!
Trying her favorite belly position!  Put away the damn camera, MOTHERRRRRR!!!!!!!!  GAHHHH.  (Think Napoleon Dynamite)

Buggy makin' a break for it!  Notice she's feeling Babe's back/fur... SO sweet!!!
Laaaaaaid back... with her mind on her money and her money on her mind.  (Mimi loves Snoop Dogg)
HAVING A FIT!  Notice head craned upside down, arms locked and loaded in a straight, erect position, and body fully arched into a rainbow?!  Well played, Dwarf.  Well played.  Claire 1.  Rest of World 0. 
Thanks, Babe.  Sorry for rocking your world today.  Victory is miiiiine.
Nothin' but love. 
Sweet nothings.

And now... meet World's TINIEST Jockey... MRS. POCKET!!!
Sidesaddle, yo.
Asleep?! What's this ish?!
Wake UP, Polly Ann!
Mad love for Babe.

Since I posted WAY more pics of Claire on Babe, enjoy Mrs. Pocket in action below...   

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
~ Helen Keller


Maria S Cardenas said...

I love the pics! and especially love the color commentary, yo.

Lisa said...

Love it. SO glad that you have a supportive husby that goes with you. You have an awesome family Gwen! Your girls are as inspiring as their momma! Got get 'em girl!

Carolyn said...

Most awesome! I love seeing them on horses!!

Christy P. said...

For the cute! Love that they love it! You need cowgirl boots for sure!

Unknown said...

I just found your blog today, and have been reading non-stop! I'm so in love with "Cal & The Fighting Dwarves" that I can't even stand it! Big hugs for Cal, and clenched fist bumps for Claire and Lola!! With Love and Prayers from Flint, Michigan, Christina Lawrence

Unknown said...

Hi there, Hooligans! I just found your blog today and I gotta tell ya, in a long, run on, comma filled, super duper excited sentence, that I can't stop reading! I have fallen in such love with Cal and his merry fighting dwarf duo that I can barely even stand it!! Big hugs for Cal, tiny fist bumps for Claire and Lola, and big ass prayers, loves, and support from Flint, Michigan!! Christina Lawrence

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