Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Triple Threat

Just droppin' in to give props to our boy for winning Student Council Vice President today!  CONGRATS, CAL!!!  Apparently there were some incredible candidates, stellar speeches & overall, it was a suuuuuuuper close race.  I am so proud of all who ran for STUCO this year!

Yours Truly recorded Cal's antics election speech a few nights ago in our backyard in order to thoroughly embarrass prepare him for the real deal at school the next day.  HAD to share (with his permission, of course!)...


(Be sure to hit PAUSE on my playlist at the bottom of this blog to turn the music off first... THANKS!)

As always, we are SO proud of you with all you do, Cal!

We love you very much.



helicopter Mum of 6 ♡ said...

Go Triple Threat! That's so awesome! We are IMPRESSED! You will do big things in politics, Cal!

DoRe' said...

That was so cool! Now it makes me wish I'd named one of my kids "Cal," just so they could use that acronym when they run for office. :-D And your boy's got skills, yo. :)

Whimsey said...

Super cute - YOU ROCK!


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