Monday, October 31, 2011

In The Spirit!

This darling card was made by Claire & Lola, with the help of our new babysitter, Tracey!  LOVE IT!!!

We are officially in the Halloween spirit here in The Hooligan House!  We are decked out with costumes & festive gear galore.  It's a real hot mess treat!  In an hour or so (maybe a little later for our Barf-O-Rama/Reflux Queen -- AKA Lola... yikes!), I'll get the girls suited up in their costumes & get ready to show off what I believe to be -- quite possibly -- the most awesomest costumes on the planet.  Oh yes... our dwarves will NOT disappoint this year!!!  Stay tuned for pics in the next day or two!

The past week has been filled with parties & festivities geared toward Halloween, and I wanted to share a few snapshots with you while I had a few minutes...
Our Old School Rapper in full effect, y'all...

Kaitlyn & Cal, on their way to a Halloween Party last week.  And yes, yes that IS a duct tape dress/boot ensemble.  Our girl, Kaitlyn has mad duct tape creation skillz... seriously, UNBELIEVABLE!!!

During Occupational Therapy last week, Claire & Lola both made shaving cream/glue spider webs with Shelly (who ALWAYS does the *coolest* art activities with them!).  Unfortunately, I only got to eyewitness Claire's escapades, as I had to take a phone call during Lola's antics therapy time.  I clicked through these pictures on my computer, and I swore they told a story.  A story I liked a WHOLE LOT.  No one can EVER say our Mimi cannot communicate... nosireebob.  Emotions.  On sleeve.  CHECK!

I am sooooooooo done!!!!!  HA! 

Claire chose the orange spider, and Lola was left with the black.  And the answer is YES -- Scott, Cal, & I were ALL shocked that Lola's was the "neater" of the two.  This is rare!!!  Shelly said she was "in the zone" -- emotionally frozen -- during her masterpiece.  HA!  I fully intend to bust out the shaving cream about 3:00 am next time that dwarf decides to NOT SLEEP! 

Happy Halloween from all The Hartley Hooligans!!!

Romeo  ~  Photo by Cal
"I'll bet living in a nudist colony takes all the fun out of Halloween."
~Author Unknown

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