Saturday, July 04, 2015

My Wee Hipster

So this happened...

Yep, yep.  It was bound to happen, being MY daughter.  Pretty sure I'm damn near legally blind without my contacts & glasses, so clearly I've been in complete AWE that my 3 kiddos - up to this point - have not required glasses. Cal & Scott both have vision "as good as a fighter pilot," according to our optometrist.  Damn them!!!  Last visit to the eye doctor, both were able to read some unbelievably microscopic line way the F down on that evil "E chart."  The only other person who'd done so was a fighter pilot.  So these two yayhoos have now demanded our eye doc add "glassblower" & "badass student-athlete" to that elite list, and they never let ME forget it!  Yours truly is currently giving the biggest eye roll EVER, as I can't even see the damn E without correction. They both can suck it.  Ditto that fancy pilot.  HA!

Claire's latest eye exam revealed that she was quite nearsighted.  I believe her prescription is -3.50 or something?!  Not quite as bad as mine, but she's well on her way. (So sorry, sweet girl o' mine!) Apparently the teen years are when eyesight can change, so our almost-14-year-old is actually on track for something.  WOOHOO!  We are using them with her when she's awake and looking further than 18-24" away and hoping this will make her world SO much bigger!

I snapped some pics of her sportin' her new Ray-Ban's like a boss, and I HAD to share.  Enjoy my studious little teenager rockin' her new specs!  

"The Bird" makes it's return... A certain someone, and I don't want to name names -- CLAIRE -- doesn't want her picture taken anymore.  Like EVER.  Typical teenage angst, we've decided.  And maybe a sprinkling of badass.

Seriously, you're STILL HERE?  Ummmm, no.

Throwin' shade with the best of 'em.

These glasses make me look glitter af.

"I'm on some new shit.  I'm chuckin' my deuces up to her." ~Chris Brown (& Claire!)

Don't make me come over there.

You HAVE to be kidding me.  We're done here, right??? You BETTER be feelin' my epic side eye, MOM.

Pissed?  CHECK.




YAY!  She's finally done!  I WON!  Attitude ALWAYS wins!
(At least that's MY theory! :)



Dictators Slave said...

She is seriously the most adorable thing. Such a pretty girl. ♡

Tamara {Tammie} Williams said...

Oh the teenage years! I wouldn't want to go through them ever again! I had it somewhat easy, I had Identical Twin Boys. Oh don't think I came out unharmed! Just without the overload of female hormones! The one blessing I did have, is I only had to do it once! I have to say, if you have to wear glasses, ROCK EM like Claire does! The faces she makes only adds to the appeal! Love it! P.S. Congrats to the guys on their great eyesight! {I wear glasses too, Bummer!}

Unknown said...

This is just an innocent question, but how does one analyze Claire's quality of vision? Just from my own experience, I needed to verbally express to the doctor what I could see well and what I could had difficulty with (and all the gradience in between). I know there are other ways to know what Claire is experiencing, but I was just curious how the doctor could gather information even though she communicates differently. I just might be overthinking this, but I thought Id ask.

Anyway, thanks for sharing! I love following your family and all the endless love you have for them. Its truly inspiring!

Gwen said...

You know, I am not 100% sure! The doctor we saw sees lots of kids with CVI & knows how to evaluate vision in non-verbal kids. She is able to judge eye health and responses also. We covered one eye at a time also and watched for dominant eyes and also convergence. It was quite interesting! We watched her tracking and visual attentiveness to lights and objects of varying colors. I enjoyed seeing the girls respond and show what they could do & how they had improved since we had last seen her! So cool!!!!

Thanks for reaching out!!! Xo

Johannes Torleifsson said...

Julia, there are several methods depending on how much the child is able to actively participate.

One method that doesnt require the child to participate is called retinoscopy. Basicly, you shine a beam of light into the eye and analyse the reflection through different lenses.

This youtube-video explains how its done, if you're interested.

Unknown said...

You are truly blessed and a wonderful couple. The girls were given to you for a reason. Heavenly Father knew you would love them uncondionaly and with all your hearts. They seem so happy. They are beautiful children! God bless you all <3

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