Monday, July 27, 2015

The Littlest Librarian

Yeah, so this happened, too.  And with that, officially all three of the Hartley gals wear specs now. We think it's just because we're more studious & smarter than the rest of our male family members, but we'll let them think they're gifted ophthalmologically (is that even a word?!) moreso than us.  WHATEVERRRRRRR. (You know the three of us girls are TOTALLY making that sassy W with our thumbs and pointer fingers right this very moment, correct?!?  HA!  OK, maybe the girls aren't since their thumbs are tucked in, but I totally am, and they are just flipping the birds because they are badass rebels. Tee hee!)

Lola's eyesight turned out to be not quite as jacked up  dismal  poor  horrific  blind-as-a-bat  bad as mine & Claire's vision, so she's got that goin' for her.  The doctor hopes that by correcting her slight nearsightedness now that maybe in the future, she will not need a cane regress visually like her poor mother. We shall see.  Let's never discuss this again, but for the record, I was fitted for bifocals when I was in the 5th grade, as it was an experimental process which was supposed to slow my eyesight from getting worse, and let's just say, it failed miserably. Not to mention, it completely hampered my swag factor, as I was sportin' grandma glasses for a good two years as a pre-tween.  Let's just say that adding a sticker to the bottom of my left lens & buying frames that attached at the bottom vs. the top because I "wanted to look unique & different" didn't help the cause ANY. But I digress...

I am super proud of Miss Thang's new glasses, as I think she looks like the World's Tiniest Librarian in them. And no, we didn't get these frames at Build-A-Bear OR the American Girl store (though don't think we haven't tried that shit on, because we soooo have). We actually were able to shop at a regular glasses boutique (gasp!) for our wee little nymph!  If that isn't progress, I don't know what the F is. 

I present to you the cutest little spectacle-wearing 9 year old I have ever seen... Miss Lola.  

I cannot eye roll big enough this very moment.

Oh wait, maybe I can.

Epic side-eye

I am SO.  DONE. with my Glamour Shots, Toots.

I am just gonna stare off into the distance for dramatic effect, and maybe if I'm lucky,
she will pick up on my severe disinterest in this photo shoot & other related shenanigans.

Or perhaps a strong elbow-to-the-chest will send a her the message that this photo sesh is OVER.  It's worth a try!

PS -- I am *NOT* a trouble maker!  Really!!!!!



Unknown said...

Cutest librarian I have ever seen and that's saying a lot since I'm a bookworm!! Love ya Lola!!

Dawn@Lighten Up! said...

Ha! I love the littlest librian! Super cute, Lola!!

MamaV said...

Yours is the only special needs blog I have found that links to the Weston A Price foundation. You're a boss.
Looking forward to following your girls' antics :-)

Paige42986 said...

She is so darn cute and her glasses are bigger then she is! I just love coming here to read about the girls it makes my day so much better after i read here!! One day i came here and read for about 2 hours and i didn't think anything about it! Those girls have my heart hook line and sinker!

Unknown said...

I'm curious about how you knew they needed glasses; what things about their behavior clued you in?

Gwen said...

@Denise Di Salvo -- We go to an ophthalmologist yearly to have the girls' eyes examined. SHE was able to tell us if the girls' eyesight was lacking or not. It wasn't until this last year that their vision changed. Prior to that, they saw perfectly. We used the glasses before to try to help them see better with their CVI -- experimental procedure putting them in magnified glasses then. But now they have legit vision issues, so we're correcting them to their prescriptions. No real behavior clued us in except them protesting when we'd put their other old prescription glasses on -- they would get sooooo pissed! Now they fight us less, as they're corrected appropriately. Tricky for sure -- but thankful to have an eye doctor who is willing to help us figure their vision out! She's awesome!

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