Friday, March 18, 2011


"May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow, and may trouble avoid you wherever you go."  ~Irish Blessing

I may or may not be a day late with this post, but it's all good, right?!  I'm blaming my tardiness on March Madness, 'cause I was *completely* TV stoned yesterday.  The Hooligans are in HEAVEN this week with basketball on SOOOOO many channels!!!  This is our Graceland!  (LOVE Ace Ventura!)  (But seriously, WTH is up with truTV carrying so many games?!  What even IS truTV?!  Did it exist before this week?  Swear I'd never even heard of it till 2 days ago...oops!  Probably because we're damn near ALWAYS locked & loaded into mostly ESPN & ESPN2, thanks to Cal.  :)

Anyway... Happy (belated) St. Patty's Day! 
Shelly (the girls' Occupational Therapist) & Claire doing an art project for St. Patrick's Day.  The green foam was shaving cream + glue to make it "thicker" so Claire might tolerate it better.  SHE LOVED IT! OMG.

*LOVE* that they added "bling."    :)

It is ALWAYS amazing to see Claire get "into" a project, as it's not often we are blessed with a positive reaction to something, but SHE.  WAS.  DIGGIN'.  THIS!  Notice her hands open then closed then open again?  She was FEELING IT, yo!  SO.  PROUD!  This is going front & center on our fridge... maybe till Halloween.  Of 2012.

I don't think anyone is happier that Spring is here than me.  I have been ready for Spring since OCTOBER!  I know, I know, I am CLEARLY living in the wrong state if I "hate winter," but this is HOME, and I'm not going anywhere.  :)  We were graced with our first thunderstorm (with hail even) a few days ago.  I'm a regular Greg Forbes (is it creepy I know this guy's name & love his Torcon scale & watch him on The Weather Channel & possibly follow him on Facebook?!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!) this time of the year, obsessively following the weather & tracking storms, frequently making comments about bow echos and warm fronts & shitstorms... oh wait, that may not be an official weather term, but I like it!  Cal  & I were ooooohhhing and aaaaahhhhhing over this  phenomenon last weekend...
Fun, fun, eh?  It was one hail of a storm.  HA!

Speaking of green, I was busy mixin' up some magic (I'm out of control!  I'm now quoting Ted, the hair guy, from What Not To Wear?!?!?  Love him!) for my girl, Claire, and I thought I'd share my concoction.  I've been on a mission to have her "eating" this (see green delight below!) more days than not each week (vs. jar organic baby food), so my Vita-Mix is working OT lately!  I make a big green batch of love for her probably twice weekly, and I truly believe this is what has kept her so healthy through the nasty, germy winter.  Yes, we're freaks.  I'm fully aware, but hey, it's going into her g-tube, so at least she doesn't have to taste it!!!!!  (Cal said he wants a g-tube so he can painlessly get HIS greens down.  What... a dode.)
(Cue "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" heavenly sounding soprano voices)  This is my FAVORITE kitchen appliance!  We totally use this bad boy DAILY.  No lie.  Filled to the brim with green love!
Top view... ready to turn this mother out!
Finished product... good for 2-3 days of organic green smoothies for my girl, Claire!
60 mL slip tip syringes, babyyyyyy!  My best friends... no connectors, no mess, just shoot that sh*t in!!!!  Easy peasy!
On that (gross?  icky?  TMI?) green note, I'm off.  Apparently I'm tied for last in our NCAA Bracket Challenge, so CLEARLY it's time for The Perfect Cheer.   :)


DoRe' said...

Love the shamrock project--I'm probably going to steal it. :)

And your green smoothies look WAAAAAAY healthier than my green smoothies-good mama! (lol to Cal wishing he had a g-tube.)

I'm going to link your blog, k? (I won't until you give me the OK, okay? :D) Have a fabulous weekend!


helicopter Mum of 6 ♡ said...

Love your GREEN theme!!

You've got me totally wanting to do more art projects with the boys! It's a must! Love Claire opening and closing her hand!!!

*you follow Greg Forbes on FB?! Hahaha. I thought I was a Weather Channel fanatic :). But really tho, I may have to follow him too!

Ahh the perfect cheer. You know, my bro and I used to dress up as Spartans (when we were young 'uns) and videotape ourselevs doing the perfect cheer. Don't tell my brother I told you that hahaha! What... a couple of loonies!

Whimsey said...

YO chick; I drink green monsters several times a week and LOVE.THEM.SO.MUCH.

Claire and me? Yeah, we're green drinking (tubin') buds! :D

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