Monday, September 30, 2013


Today we wore yellow.

We wore yellow for Claire, Lola, & all their homies with microcephaly.  Each year on 9.30, we celebrate Microcephaly Awareness Day.  Tonight we met up with two families in our area to honor our girls & all those who have microcephaly around the world.  It was a fabulous night.

Da Hooligans
(Ignore their puffy, red eyes -- seasonal fall allergies in Kansas are a bitch!)
Cal & Anika
It was soooo presh to see her reach out for him multiple times.  He is so amazed by & in love with her.
Cal, Anika & Angelina
Gentry gettin' loves from Anika
Lola, Cal, Claire, Mason, Anika (in motion!) & Braelynn
PS -- Braelynn is *SO* not shy.  She got this party turnt up moments later & had us rolling as she zoomed in & out of the arcade doors Mach 5, dodging all those in her path!  Pretty sure she & I could do some damage together.  Ha!
The gang's all here!
Claire & Daddy
Lola & me

"Share our similarities, celebrate our differences."  ~ M. Scott Peck



Marcus and Jenny said...

Oh, I love this! :)

DoRe' said...

Hey, friend--

Just saying "hey!" (I'm supposed to be driving my kids to co-op RIGHT NOW. :-p)

Looks like I have a ton of catching up to do, love the pictures!

Hugs from the PacNW,
The Miniature Hawaiian. ;-)

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